The Bearded Wayne Blog

So, there are lots of blogs out there.  Indeed, from blogs dealing with climate change fraud to medieval history, there are plenty of “web logs” to fill your time and interests.  Why add one more to the mix?  I suppose there are two reasons.

First, I think I have something to say that will be unique….from my (grey bearded) perspective.   What is my perspective and background?  Rather than post a bio, I would rather reveal my background and perspective bit by bit.  I will start by relating what a very close friend told me quite recently.  I consider it quite a compliment.  Whether what he said was true or not, you’ll have to evaluate and decide.  The gist of his remark was that my use of “equal weights and measures” is one of my strengths.  The reference is to several places in Scripture that read this way:  “You shall have just balances, just weights, a just ephah, and a just hin….” (Leviticus 19:36); “You shall have a full and just weight; you shall have a full and just measure….” (Deuteronomy 25:15) and passages in Proverbs regarding having a just balance and a just weight.  This Biblical command has a teaching that can be drawn from it, and it was in this context that my friend made his remark::  Use equal weights and measures in discussions and debates (e.g. those that become the most heated, such as political or theological).  In other words, apply the same standard to both sides of a debate.  Don’t let “your side” get away with something just because they are “your guys.”  Don’t condemn “the other side” when they err, but let “your side” get a pass for the same issue just because they are your friends.  Perhaps more details about this will follow…..but certainly this concept will be applied in The Bearded Wayne Blog as we discuss the issues of the day.

Second, a blog format will allow me to share my thoughts in a way I am not otherwise able to do.  Those who know me are aware that I am quite comfortable discussing and yes, debating, certain theological topics.  I don’t envision this blog having theological debate as a focus (although it may have a place).  However, a person’s faith does inform their opinions and you shouldn’t be surprised that this will be true with my commentary as well.

And now for a bit of fun.  Here is a list of some favorites (semi-random order).  Perhaps they are your favorites, too!

Favorite English Monarch:  King Richard III

Favorite Philosopher-Theologian (although he thought of himself primarily as an evangelist):  Dr. Francis Schaeffer

Favorite American President:  Ronald Reagan

Favorite bolt action:  Mauser

Favorite sight that I don’t own:  Meprolight RDS

Favorite book of the Bible:  Devarim/Deuteronomy

Favorite Soda Stream mix:  Cola Free

Favorite Novel read in the last year:  The Last Desperado by Rebecca Rockwell  (Subject:  Bill Doolin)

Favorite Presidential quality daily briefing:  The Buck Sexton Show

Favorite Cancelled Internet TV Show:  The BS of A with Brian Sack

Favorite Sponsor Bit on Favorite Cancelled Internet TV Show:  Stacey’s Quest by AK Steele

Favorite Army from which to be retired:  United States

Favorite Army.  Period:  United States

Favorite Rose:  White

Favorite Political Party:  Likud

Favorite Presidential Candidate:  Ted Cruz

Favorite TV Show:  Doctor Who

Close Runners Up:  Foyle’s War, Midsomer Murders, X-Files, Murdoch Mysteries, Monty Python’s Flying Circus

…………and more to follow.